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Diana Walton, before and after bariatric surgery at TBHC

The Future Looks Brighter — and Longer — Thanks to Bariatric Surgery

Diana Walton
Bariatric surgery “only option” to manage diabetes

I had uncontrollable diabetes and weighed 205 pounds. My blood sugar was 500 to 600 every single day and I was using 60 to 80 units of insulin per day. Most of my family had died from diabetes and, before the surgery, maybe I had 10 years left in me. Getting this surgery was my only option.

Today, I am 137 pounds and my diabetes is much more manageable and under control. It’s not gone yet but I’m only using 5 units before meals and the highest my sugar has ever been is 200. I should be off insulin soon and onto oral medications.

It was a six-month period to get my surgical date. I was nervous but with the help of Dr. Prat (Pratibha Vemulapalli, Chair of Surgery), and the rest of the Weight Loss Center, it was great. Post-surgery was tough at first. I was in the ICU four days after the surgery because of my diabetes, but I went home on the fifth day.

Being home was hard the first four months. It was tough work and a lot of self-control. But then the weight just peeled right off! Everybody who sees me is like, “Oh my god!” Now, I refer all my diabetic friends to Dr. Prat now for bariatric surgery to manage their diabetes.

My health has gotten much better and I’m looking forward to a longer, happy life. I’ve recently become a grandma. I get more time to enjoy my family and watch my grandbaby grow up because bariatric surgery gave me years back on my life.