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Critical Care Services

TBHC’s Center for Critical Care Services ensures that critically ill patients are being cared for by the most experienced intensive care physicians who oversee an interdisciplinary team, including nurses, residents and ancillary services. Daily, this team meets to discuss the needs of each patient in the Intensive Care Unit. The center also conducts a critical care outreach service where a rescue squad led by the most experienced, expert attending physician available shows up to a patient in crisis anywhere in the hospital. The Center, which reflects the gold-standard of care, provides highest-quality care and peace of mind to patients, their physicians and family members.

ICU Morning Huddle

The interdisciplinary huddle, led by James Gasperino, MD, Chair of Medicine, Associate Chief Medical Officer, and Vice President for Critical Care, happens every morning so that every clinician who is involved in critical care discuss the ongoing management of each patient.

Contact and Location

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
121 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 250-6950