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Critical Care Nursing

Rosemary Fiore, MSN, RN

Rosemary Fiore, MSN, RN
Senior Director of Nursing, Critical Care & Telemetry

The Center for Critical Care Services at The Brooklyn Hospital Center is the first of its kind in Brooklyn and represents the gold standard of care and treatment. The Center also provides TBHC’s Critical Care Outreach Service so that, if any patient anywhere in the hospital is in crisis, a rescue squad of TBHC’s most highly trained personnel reports to intervene.

Critical Care Nursing is an important component of the Center and offers the highest levels of care and attention for our most critically ill patients. This discipline requires a great deal of experience with patients who suffer complex multisystem illnesses.

Critical Care is divided into six units, as follows:

  • MICU/CCU is our medical intensive care unit and cardiac care unit. These clients require frequent monitoring and advanced nursing care and skills. This is an 18-bed unit.
  • CPCU is our 28-bed pulmonary, medical telemetry, isolation unit. Clients in CPCU are frequently respiratory-compromised and on ventilators. CPCU is a joint partnership with respiratory and the medical team, with an objective to actively wean patients off the ventilator, and we have seen much success in this pursuit. Also, we are working collaboratively with the surgical, medical and nutritional staff to decrease the presence of pressure injuries post trach placement; again we have seen much success. Our interdisciplinary team has also implemented a trach emergency response team, making the response rapid, effective, safe and closely monitored.
  • CSCU is a cardiac telemetry floor for patients who are often cardiac compromised. CSCU, a 21-bed unit, manages patients post cardiac catheterization.
  • 9B is a 19-bed observation, telemetry unit serving clients with similar illnesses as CSCU.
  • The Cardiac Catheterization unit is the area where diagnostics and care of cardiac illnesses occurs.
  • The Interventional Radiology unit performs many diagnostic tests and procedures.

Each of our Critical Care units acts in unison with the various professionals caring for our patients to ensure high-quality, compassionate care.