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Nursing Education

Philecia Mullings, PhD

Philecia Mullings, PhD, MSA, BSN, RN, C-CDI
Senior Director of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Services and Nursing Education

The Nursing Education goals are at the center of TBHC’s mission. Education is the central system of competency as we prepare all staff to perform at the top of their licensure. Trainings are tailored to the needs of each staff and specialty. There is mentoring from the classroom to the units.

As we strive to retain and cultivate our staff, the implementation of the Nurse Residency Program in 2019 with two active cohorts has brought new insight and excitement to both novice and expert RNs. This program is highly sought by new registered nurses and research has shown such programs improve skills and confidence levels of the learner.

Our education department is working on improved means of staff development. The Education committee, consists of a team of clinicians working on research topics and best practices to keep our Brooklyn community healthy. We are dedicated to providing year-round education so our caregivers can provide top-quality and compassionate care to all.