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WIC Outcomes

WIC Saves Healthcare Dollars

Studies have shown that pregnant women who participate in WIC have longer pregnancies leading to fewer premature births, have fewer low and very low birth weight babies, experience fewer fetal and infant deaths, and seek prenatal care earlier in pregnancy. WIC helps to assure normal childhood growth, reduces early childhood anemia, increases immunization rates, and improves access to pediatric health care and readies children to learn. WIC improves consumption of key nutrients essential to growth and development, such as iron, protein, calcium, and vitamins A and C.

WIC Strengthens Families

WIC provides short-term, low-cost preventive health services to young families who are at risk due to low income and nutritionally related health conditions. WIC enables parents to properly feed their children during critical periods of growth and development. The combination of nutrition education, nutritious foods, and health care oversight strengthens families long after their WIC eligibility has ended.