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Asian Services

The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) recently launched an Asian Services Program to better welcome patients providing an environment that understands and respects their culture. TBHC implemented several facilities and staff protocol changes, including:

  • Chinese-speaking physicians and staff
  • Chinese-speaking social worker, pharmacists, patient advocate and breastfeeding peer counselor
  • 24/7 Chinese language telephone services (Cantonese/Mandarin)
  • Chinese meals initiative (on 3M, Maternity floor)
  • Labor & Delivery/Maternity tour led by a Chinese speaker
  • Assistance with scheduling appointments
  • Multilingual signs and information literature
  • Streamlined physician referral process
  • Patient referral partnerships with local Asian physicians

3M – Maternity Unit

  • Majority of rooms are private
  • Rooming-in option
  • Chinese food menu
  • Chinese-speaking physicians and staff
  • Chinese-speaking breastfeeding peer counselor
  • Chinese-speaking patient advocate
  • Labor & Delivery/Maternity tour led by a Chinese speaker
  • Free interpreter service (Cantonese, Mandarin, Fukienese, Taisanese, among others)
  • Birth registry (assistance with form)
  • Voluntary obstetricians/gynecologists include:
    • Stephen Wan, MD
    • Margaret Wong, MD
    • Andrew Yu, MD
    • Lisa Eng, MD
  • Voluntary pediatricians include:
    • Lucy Leung-Eng, MD
    • Josephine Kuo, MD
    • Nancy Han, MD
    • Anna Chan, MD
    • Anna Law, MD
    • Vivian Tsai, MD
    • Michael Lee, MD
    • Wing-Sze Leung, MD
    • Lynn Wu, MD

Ambulatory Services in the Sunset Park neighborhood

61st Street Family Health Center & WIC Center
771 61st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

For more information on TBHC’s Asian Services, please contact:

Melissa Luk
Director – Asian Services
347-436-6608 or 718-250-8303
Fax: 718-250-6817