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Pediatric Genetics

The Pediatrics Genetics Division of The Brooklyn Hospital Center Department of Pediatrics provides state-of-the art services for prenatal diagnosis and carrier screening. A wide range of people may benefit from the genetic services.

Genetic Services

  • Assistance with children with mental disabilities, developmental delays, learning disabilities and growth problems
  • Diagnosis of suspected genetic syndromes
  • Assessment of children with known or suspected genetic syndromes

Patients who should be referred for genetic evaluation include:

  • unexplained developmental/speech delays or mental retardation
  • small head size (microcephaly)
  • children with drug or alcohol exposure in utero
  • children with a family history of children with developmental/speech delays, or a family history of chromosome abnormality
  • Marfan syndrome (a connective tissue disorder)
  • tall stature
  • spider hands
  • joint laxity (double jointed)
  • heart murmurs
  • pigeon breast
  • scoliosis

Contact and Location

Pediatric Genetics
Maynard Building - Suite 9E
240 Willoughby Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 250 - 6911