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Pre-Operative Instructions

Pre-Operative InstructionsFollow these simple instructions to prepare for your surgery:

  • Do not eat or drink after 12 midnight the night before surgery, unless instructed otherwise by your physician. Do not suck on hard candy or lozenges.
  • Tell us if you have any allergies.
  • If you take daily medications, ask your doctor whether you should take them on the day of surgery.
  • If you take anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory medications (such as aspirin, Aleve, ibuprofen or Motrin), or anti-coagulants, ask your doctor whether you should stop them for a period of time before surgery.
  • If you develop a cough, cold or fever, please call your surgeon.

What to bring on the day of your surgery.

Please complete and bring with you all the forms that you received in your physician’s office, as well as your insurance cards and/or forms.

  • Medications and List of Medications and Allergies: Bring a list of all your medications, times taken and dosages, as well as a list of allergies to medications, food or other substances. Bring your medications with you.
  • Advance Directives: Please bring any documents you have completed, regarding advance directives, such as a health care proxy form and living will. If you do not have any such documents, you will be given an opportunity to complete a health care proxy at the Hospital.
  • Proof of Guardianship: All legal guardians of a minor children under the age of 18, mentally compromised adults, or foster children undergoing surgery must bring all legal/court documentation verifying their legal guardianship. Without legal proof of guardianship, the surgery will have to be rescheduled. All court/legal documents must be the originals; copies will not be accepted. The originals will be returned to you immediately.
  • Clothing: If you expect to stay in the Hospital overnight, bring an overnight bag with pajamas, robe slippers and toiletries. If you are coming for ambulatory surgery, we recommend that you wear casual comfortable, loose fitting clothing with buttons or zips down the front that is easy to take off and put back on after surgery. Shoes should be flat and comfortable
  • Dentures, Contact lenses, Glasses and Hearing Aids: These items will be removed prior to surgery.
  • Travel Arrangements: If you are going home the same day, you will need an escort, so please arrange for someone to pick you up.

NOTE: Leave all valuables and jewelry, including wedding rings, at home. The hospital cannot assume liability for personal property.