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Nursing Education

Nursing EducationNursing Education is a division within the Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services with direct line responsibilities and accountability to the Sr. Vice President of Patient Care Services and CNO. Operationally, the division is responsible for the education of the nursing and associated staff.


  • Planning, designing, implementing and evaluating all educational activities for nursing staff, including provision of educational services to meet New York State Department of Health and other regulatory agencies requirements for assuring quality patient care.

  • Maintaining and increasing job performance competency.

  • Collaborating in the process of quality improvement and risk management by responding to the need for educational activities.


Orientation: This is the process by which new staff is introduced to the general philosophy, mission, goals, policies, procedures, role expectations and the work environment of The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Orientation occurs at the time of employment and whenever a change in roles and responsibilities occurs. The orientation period varies depending upon the job expectations, progress of the Orientee and discretion of the Nursing Education.

In-Service Education: In-service education consists of general and clinically specific learning experiences. The purposes are to maintain competency, create new competency, respond to quality improvement and risk management findings. In addition, Basic Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advance Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Program Course and other mandatory programs based on New York State Health Code and other regulatory agencies requirements are provided.

Continuing Education: Continuing Education is essential for a) maintaining and improving clinical competency b) increasing the educational experience c) enhancing personal and professional growth and development of the nursing staff. These programs emphasize the nurse’s acceptance of accountability and responsibility for his or her own growth and development.

These programs consist of planned educational activities and are intended for the enhancement of practice, education, leadership and management, research and theory development for the professional nurse.

The division is an approved provider of continuing education by the New York State Nurses Association’s Council on Continuing Education, which is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Additionally, Nursing Education is involved in other areas of staff development:

  • Clinical affiliations

  • Consultation

  • Leadership development

  • Competency assessment

  • Simulation training

The nurse educator staff is master’s prepared with diverse clinical background and expertise in the field of education and training. The staff represents all areas of inpatient nursing including but not limited to, adult acute and critical care, pediatric acute and critical care, obstetrical and emergency care.


tel: (718) 250-6905 
fax: (718) 250-6377