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  • Happy and Free Thanks to Bariatric Surgery and Support

    Lorenzo Phillips
    Changes in habits and mindset help this bariatric patient find success

    “Before my surgery, I was just too heavy, and it felt like nothing I did made a difference. I was at my wit's end — I just couldn’t get any smaller. I was trying everything,” said TBHC patient Lorenzo Phillips. “I’d eat a plant-based diet, try a program like Weight Watchers or exercise more. But I'm older now, and I just can't keep up with that pace.”

  • TBHC, your community hospital, a family affair!

    Tyrana Carter
    What does TBHC mean to you as a community hospital?

    “I’ve had my ups and downs at TBHC,” said Tyrana Carter. “I had both my babies there. One was born in 1981, and the other in 1990. I had a great experience — it was the best hospital at the time, and it’s where I decided to have my kids."

  • Puzzling Symptoms Solved

    Mark Collins
    Expert Pediatric Care Helps a Little Boy and His Family

    One afternoon at daycare, three-year-old Mark Collins woke up from his daily nap. But something was wrong — despite having just woken up, he was still incredibly sleepy. The teacher quickly realized that Mark was unable to move. He could recognize everyone around him, but was having trouble responding. Soon, Mark was in an ambulance en route to The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC).

  • Michael's Seamless Transition

    Michael Gillman
    Expert Care to Get Back Up and Running

    When Michael Gillman collapsed after a run in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, he was brought to TBHC's Emergency Department and then was treated at the hospital's state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab for immediate intervention, which saved his life. Both TBHC and the hospital's cardiac collaborator, Mount Sinai Heart, took care of him expertly and got him back up and into his life.

  • In the Right Place, In the Right Hands

    Joel Goldstein
    In the Right Place, In the Right Hands

    When Joel Goldstein collapsed in his Brooklyn office, he was brought to TBHC's state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab for immediate intervention, which saved his life. The Goldsteins were apprehensive about putting their trust in TBHC, but were reassured to learn about our world-class cardiac care and clinical partnership with Mount Sinai Heart — so much that they returned to TBHC for follow-up care once the emergency had passed.