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  • The Day of My Surgery Was the Day I Was Reborn

    Lucia Nolasco
    Bariatric patient

    A year ago, I was 239 pounds. My blood pressure was high. I couldn’t sleep. My legs and feet were always swollen. I could barely get up the stairs. One of the ladies at my mom’s church kept losing all this weight. When I asked her about it, she referred me to The Brooklyn Hospital Center...

  • TBHC – You Just Never Know When You'll Need It

    Amy Bennett
    Local business owner, mother, TBHC obstetrics patient

    As a business owner, there are few things that matter more to me than my community. When I first became pregnant, after moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was unsure of where I would feel comfortable having my baby. There are many hospitals in Brooklyn, and it was a challenge to feel confident when making such an important choice for myself and my growing family...

  • Renewed Hope for an 83-Year-Old Fighter

    Barbara Williams
    Mother, grandmother, fighter, TBHC spine patient

    When I first came to The Brooklyn Hospital Center, I was losing hope. I had been treated by countless medical professionals who consistently told me nothing could be done, that I had to learn to manage and live with my condition. The life that I had worked so hard to create for myself was being taken away from me...

  • TBHC Saved My Life

    Larry Dvoskin
    Grammy-nominated musician, TBHC emergency room and surgery patient

    On December 16th, 2016 I was admitted to the emergency room of The Brooklyn Hospital Center in excruciating pain. Each time I breathed in it felt like someone took a chainsaw to my abdomen. The day before had been a normal one. I went to a meeting, shopping, yoga, had pasta at an old favorite café in Greenwich Village. Later that night I felt sick to my stomach...

  • A Weight Loss Journey: Luisa's story with TBHC

    TBHC bariatric patient

    Watch as Luisa shares her experience with weight loss surgery, shedding pounds and gaining a second chance at life at The Brooklyn Hospital Center.