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  • Baby Comes Into World in The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s Driveway

    Quick action by emergency team and husband makes for happy ending

    For little Sarah Wiggins and her family, Friday, July 13 was a very lucky day. Sarah decided to arrive quickly, so quickly that she was delivered by Luis Valdez, MD, in her parents’ car in The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) driveway.

    “The doctors, nurses, technicians and security performed exactly as they are trained to,” says Sylvie De Souza, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine. “This is a perfect example of a community hospital doing its job in the right place at the right time.”

  • Back on the Dance Floor after Knee Surgery

    Elspeth Macdonald
    Designer, writer, dancer, TBHC orthopaedic patient

    Elspeth Macdonald has been active all her life. She ran three marathons, the last one at age 50. More recently, she enjoyed cross-country distance running. When she tripped while running on a dirt road a few years back, she hurt her left knee...

  • The Day of My Surgery Was the Day I Was Reborn

    Lucia Nolasco
    Bariatric patient

    A year ago, I was 239 pounds. My blood pressure was high. I couldn’t sleep. My legs and feet were always swollen. I could barely get up the stairs. One of the ladies at my mom’s church kept losing all this weight. When I asked her about it, she referred me to The Brooklyn Hospital Center...

  • TBHC – You Just Never Know When You'll Need It

    Amy Bennett
    Local business owner, mother, TBHC obstetrics patient

    As a business owner, there are few things that matter more to me than my community. When I first became pregnant, after moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I was unsure of where I would feel comfortable having my baby. There are many hospitals in Brooklyn, and it was a challenge to feel confident when making such an important choice for myself and my growing family...

  • Renewed Hope for an 83-Year-Old Fighter

    Barbara Williams
    Mother, grandmother, fighter, TBHC spine patient

    When I first came to The Brooklyn Hospital Center, I was losing hope. I had been treated by countless medical professionals who consistently told me nothing could be done, that I had to learn to manage and live with my condition. The life that I had worked so hard to create for myself was being taken away from me...