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Spiritual Care

Pastoral CareThe Brooklyn Hospital Center chaplains listen to patients and family with openness and understanding. We respect the personal beliefs of each individual and the ability to draw on these beliefs in responding to illness and recovery. Chaplains comfort people of all backgrounds and faiths by helping them use their spiritual and emotional wisdom to find meaning, courage and hope.

People do not have to belong to a specific faith community — or even consider themselves religious — to call for a multifaith chaplain. We are pleased to assist in meeting spiritual needs of all and are available to pray with those who request it.

All of our chaplains reflect loving compassion and provide spiritual care and emotional support to patients, their loved ones and hospital staff members.

We care for people of every faith, as well as those who have no religious beliefs or affiliation.


Patients, families and staff members may request a chaplain visit by calling x8572. To do so outside of the hospital, call 718-250-8572.

In an emergency, hospital staff can page a chaplain. Chaplains are on site Monday through Thursday 9 am to 8 pm and Fridays 9 am to 6 pm. During non-business hours, please ask staff to call Telecommunications for the on-call emergency volunteer clergy or intern.

Services at The Adams Family Multifaith Chapel

Wednesday, 12:30 pm: Non-Denominational Christian Prayer

Friday, 1 pm: Muslim Jumaa Prayer

First Friday of every month, 3 pm: Catholic Mass


Chaplain Sarah Spieldenner, BCC, Director of Spiritual Care

Chaplain Rev. Francis Obu-Mends, BCC

Bioethics Committee