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175th Anniversary Medalists

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation launched its three-year celebration marking The Brooklyn Hospital Center's official 175th anniversary in 2020. Over 100 friends and supporters helped recognize the first three 175th Anniversary Medalists at the inagural event:

1) Laurie Cumbo, NYC Council Majority Leader whose medal was presented by Lizanne Fontaine, Chair, TBHC Board of Trustees. “We, too, will want the future to know we put our stamp on Brooklyn; that we worked for quality healthcare to welcome new neighbors while supporting those who toiled to make the neighborhood what it is today.”

2) Carlos P. Naudon, Immediate Past Chair, TBHC Board of Trustees, honored Julian Macrone, who represented Fort Greene Park Conservancy. The park is next door to the hospital and features a monument to Revolutionary martyrs. The land was designated as a park in 1847 and designed by Olmsted and Vaux in 1867. Mr. Macrone noted that research shows that green spaces contribute to public health. “There is a beautiful unity in the idea of a hospital and park, side by side, both contributing to the health of the community,” he said.

3) Dozier Hasty, publisher and owner of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, gave an award to iconic poet, Walt Whitman. The medal was accepted by Brad Vogel of the Walt Whitman Initiative. Mr. Hasty noted that the famous poet and journalist was an editor at the Brooklyn Eagle for two years, where he was quoted as writing, “The Brooklyn Hospital is one of the most useful and humane of the institutions in our city.”  Mr. Vogel explained that Whitman also trained as a nurse serving as such in Washington, DC hospitals during the Civil War. Many Civil War soldiers were also treated at Brooklyn Hospital.  

 Medalists at 175th Anniversary Celebration Launch on January 31, 2019