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175th Anniversary Medalists To Date

Over the course of three years, as part of our celebration, we will recognize 175 individuals and institutions from the past and present that have made a unique contribution to the depth, breadth, individuality and well-being of Brooklyn. These icons have helped to produce one of the world’s most dynamic and sought-after places to live, work and raise families. 

To nominate someone you think have made a significant contribution to the history of The Brooklyn Hospital Center or to Brooklyn, fill out the nomination form here and return to The Brooklyn Hospital Foundation. 



 Walt Whitman

1. Walt Whitman

Accepted by Brad Vogel, Walt Whitman Initiative

Whitman was an American poet, essayist, and journalist; he is often considered the Father of Free Verse. He wrote highly of our hospital, even quoting that "The Brooklyn Hospital is one of the most useful and humane of the institutions in our city."

Awarded on: January 31, 2019


Laurie Cumbo  

2. Laurie Cumbo

Majority Leader, New York City Council

As the Council Majority Leader for New York City, Cumbo has prioritized working towards ensuring quality healthcare for all New Yorkers, especially Brooklyn residents. She is a strong advocate for many public health issues, such as sex education implementation, gun violence prevention, public safety, and women's health.

Awarded on: January 31, 2019




F.G Park

3. Fort Greene Park Conservancy 

Accepted by Julian Macrone

We are fortunate to be right next door to Fort Greene Park, another dedicated Brooklyn institution that has served the community for over 150 years. We partner with the Fort Greene Conservancy on many public health initiatives and many of our patient rooms overlook the beautiful park. Together, we are partners in making our neighborhood healthier.  

Awarded on: January 31, 2019


Eric Adams

4. Eric L. Adams

Brooklyn Borough President

As Brooklyn's Borough President, Adams has fully-committed himself to improving the health of his constituents; he has created programs and initiatives, such as Safe Sleep Brooklyn, Family Friendly Brooklyn, and Ban the Baloney, among many others. 

Awarded on: May 30, 2019



  Arthur Klein  

5. Arthur A. Klein, MD

President, Mount Sinai Health Network

Often described as an "innovator in the evolving health care landscape," Dr. Klein's leadership has helped develop and advance a growing network of clinics, practices, hospitals, and polyclinics that have helped so many.  

Awarded on: May 30, 2019 



7. Charles and Irene Hamm

Retired, Independence Community Bank (now Sovereign Bank)

Over the years, the Hamms have shown their dedication to our community by donating to various Brooklyn-based organizations. Their contributions, including their gift towards the construction of our new state-of-the-art emergency department, have and continue to ensure that Brooklynites have access to programs that are both culturally and physically enriching. 

Awarded on: June 20, 2019


Deborah Schwartz

6. Deborah Schwartz

President, Brooklyn Historical Society

Schwartz has been able to blend her love for history, museums, learning, and Brooklyn into multiple projects and exhibits at The Historical Society that have educated and informed Brooklynites over the years. The Society's most recent exhibit, Taking Care of Brooklyn: Stories of Sickness and Health, features The Brooklyn Hospital Center. 

Awarded on: May 30, 2019


8. Frank C. Hamm, MD

TBHC, Chair of Urology, 1940-1970

Dr. Hamm served as the Chief of Urology and is well-known in the urological world, often described as being a pioneer and leader in the field. His passion for the hospital was evident as he sat on multiple committees and helped make crucial decisions that ultimately led to the advancement of the hospital. 

Awarded on: June 20, 2019





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