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  • Best in Brooklyn.

    TBHC has great doctors and nurses, terrific employees, and advanced medical services and technology. Also, of all the hospitals in Brooklyn, we earned the highest grade for patient safety this spring from The Leapfrog Group!

    Best in Brooklyn

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What's New?

  • Hakeem Jeffries Delivers Rousing Speech at TBHC Legislative Luncheon
    On Friday, May 11, 2018, The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) honored Hakeem Jeffries, US Congressman, 8th Congressional District, along with other community leaders. Rep. Jeffries gave a rousing speech, calling the hospital “a treasured Brooklyn institution,” and maintaining that he was optimistic “even in the midst of the storm.” He added all of Brooklyn and its leaders must “dismiss doubters and keep marching toward your dream.” ... Read more
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center Earns Best Leapfrog Safety Grade in Brooklyn
    The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) is proud to announce that they have received a B, the highest grade of all Brooklyn hospitals this spring 2018, for their commitment to keeping patients safe as measured by the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. In fact, no other hospital in New York City received a B, and only one received an A.... Read more
  • At TBHC, the Most Experienced Staff Takes Care of Sickest Patients
    Every morning in TBHC’s Intensive Care Unit James Gasperino, MD, Chair of Medicine, Associate Chief Medical Officer, and Vice President for Critical Care, convenes Morning Report. Here, the hospital’s most experienced intensive care physicians gather with every staff member who plays a role in managing ICU patients — nurses, residents and ancillary services.... Read more

Physician Spotlight

Luca Milone, MD
Luca Milone, MD

With expertise in advanced robotic and minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Milone believes that every patient deserves access to the highest level of care along with the latest technology available. Dr. Milone has authored more than 100 publications including peer reviewed articles, book chapters, and several presentations at national and international meetings. He also created an approved U.S. patent for a robotic device that can be used in endoscopic surgery.

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