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Audit & Compliance

The Audit and Compliance Department monitors the hospital’s continuing compliance with government regulations in such areas as billing, business relationships, patient access to services, governance, and patient privacy.

It is the hospital’s intention to conduct itself at the highest ethical standards. We recognize that our reputation is our greatest asset. Our success depends in large measure on the trust patients and the public place in us. A strong compliance program will help ensure that we continue to deserve that trust.

Moreover, compliance with state and federal laws and regulations is essential because of the potential civil or even criminal liability we face if we violate them. As in medical care, prevention is certainly the wisest course, and that is what our compliance program is designed to accomplish.

Even the most carefully constructed compliance program, however, cannot cover every situation. We invite all members of the hospital community and the public to contact us with questions or concerns about any aspect of the hospital’s health care services, billing issues, or business matters.


Donna Thomas, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer

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tel: (718) 250-8458
fax: (718) 250-6951

24-hour Compliance Help Line
(866) 420-3438
(calls may be anonymous)

To report electronically, please visit