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Emergency Medicine in Brooklyn, NY

TBHC provides emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are fully equipped to offer comprehensive emergency medicine to patients suffering traumatic injuries and life-threatening conditions. We provide the highest quality of emergency medical care available, while ensuring you remain as comfortable as possible. Our outstanding team of board-certified physicians and specialists have extensive training in Emergency Medicine. The entire staff is highly experienced, handling more than 60,000 emergency cases every year, treating the full scope of patient injuries and illnesses.

TBHC officially finished a major Emergency Department renovation in the summer of 2022. The project was, in part, funded by a New York State Department of Health Transformation Grant of $25 million, the largest award for any New York City health provider in the year that it was granted. This renovation significantly improves  the hospital’s response to traumatic injury and illness, and has resulted in a state-of-the-art facility with a separate pediatric emergency room, all within lifesaving minutes of our neighbors’ homes.

Recent statistics show that TBHC saves time, too, with its “door-to-balloon” performance, the time it takes for an emergency heart attack patient to get to cardiac cath intervention. For instance:

  • TBHC clocks in under 90 minutes from EMS arrival to intervention 100% of the time (as opposed to overall New York State’s 87.7%).
  • For first medical contact to balloon, TBHC beats 90 minutes 68.8% of the time and for walk-in patients to device, 85.7% of the time — all consistently better than New York State percentages.
  • TBHC’s median time beats the recommended time by more than half.

Emergency Medicine in Brooklyn, NY 2021 Stroke Care Excellence AwardFurthermore, TBHC is a New York State Designated official Stroke Center and has recently earned The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association’s Get with The Guidelines® (GWTG) Heart Failure and Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Awards for its best medical practices for stroke and heart care.

The Emergency Department of The Brooklyn Hospital Center is dedicated to the diverse community of Brooklyn. We speak multiple languages, and our trained staff and language coordinators are always available to communicate with you to ensure your needs are understood.

Visitor Policy in the Emergency Department
Emergency Department patients are permitted to have one visitor at the bedside. Understand that masks must be worn and CDC protocols must be followed.

IMPORTANT: Having an Emergency? Call 911 for assistance now.