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TBHC Board of Trustees

The TBHC board has two primary responsibilities. First, it helps determine overall policy direction, and attends to the management of TBHC’s affairs, property, and business. Second, it ensures the Hospital’s fiscal integrity by overseeing the budgetary process and setting the pace for individual giving to the institution.

Trustees attend meetings of the full board and are called upon to serve on committees, as appropriate, and to contribute expertise and effort best suited to the needs at hand. And because of our vital connection to Brooklyn, we ask our trustees to act as ambassadors to the broader community in any number of ways — from hosting events or joining senior staff for meetings with organizational partners, to promote awareness of the Hospital among colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

Board of Trustees

Anne Elizabeth Fontaine

Calvin J. Simons, MD
Vice Chair

Earl D. Weiner
Vice Chair

J. Barclay Collins, II

Gary G. Terrinoni
President & CEO (ex-officio)

Lori B. Acker
Bernard Drayton
Alireza Esmaeilzadeh
Gale Stevens Haynes
Joel Leitner
Vijay Manthripragada
John E. Osnato
Maria Fiorini Ramirez
Andrew G. Randak
Lenue H. Singletary, III
Susan E. Skerritt
Dino J. Veronese
Jonathan M. Weld
Linus Yoe, MD

Carlos P. Naudon
Immediate Past Chair

George I. Harris
Trustees Emeritus