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Grand Rounds

Grand RoundsThe Brooklyn Hospital Center is committed to providing the highest level of education for physicians and nurses in training, licensed medical professionals, and the community.  Each week the Ground Rounds lectures cover a wide range of current and clinically significant topics.   Lectures feature specialists and physicians from The Brooklyn Hospital Center, as well visiting doctors and professionals from all areas of medical expertise.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our patients.

2015-2016 Grand Rounds Lectures


Graduate Medical Education

Nancy Jaime, Administrator
(718) 250-6650

Nursing Education

Call (718) 250-6905
Fax (718) 250-6377

Continuing Education

Edith Olmeda, Administrator
(718) 250-6930

Internal Medicine
Mary Heintjas, Administrator
(718) 250-6925

Linda Marcellino, Administrator
(718) 250-6882