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Gynecological Care

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Gynecology in Brooklyn, NY

TBHC is dedicated to serving our patients with compassionate, individualized care. Whether you need an annual exam, family planning, or cancer screening or care, we have the services for you, including:

Well Care

  • Family planning
  • Annual exams

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Screening for cancers of the cervix, vagina, uterus, ovaries and vulva, including Pap smear.
  • Colposcopy.
  • Pelvic ultrasound.
  • Mammograms and other radiologic screenings and diagnostic procedures. The Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology works closely with our colleagues in Radiology to provide screenings that are important to women who meet the criteria for them.


  • Surgery for malignancies.
  • Pelvic floor reconstruction.
  • Minimally invasive surgery such as laparoscopic management of pelvic masses and early gynecologic cancers. We also use robotic surgery when appropriate. 
  • Radical pelvic surgery.
  • Pelvic floor reconstruction that includes difficult uterine prolapse procedures.
  • In conjunction with our colleagues in the Division of Breast Surgery.

Women’s Health Center
TBHC is home to the Women’s Health Center, which provide a full range of services including gynecological, prenatal and postnatal care, and family planning, and accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances.