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Medical Care Chair's Message

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Letter from the Department of Medicine Chair

James Gasperino, MDThe Brooklyn Hospital Center provides the finest primary and subspecialty medical care to the community. Our goal is simple: We aim to provide you with the highest quality medical care in a comfortable setting.

We respect your time. Your appointment will be scheduled quickly, usually within two weeks or less of your or your physician's call.

We speak your language. Our clinical staff is as diverse as Brooklyn, which means there's a very good chance someone in our office speaks your native language. If not, our Language Coordinator will help you.

We keep you informed. When it comes to patient care, there's no such thing as "too much information." We'll keep you and your primary care physician well informed throughout your diagnosis and treatment.

We have subspecialties of every kind from excellent cardiology, backed by a brand-new catheterization lab for interventional cardiology in partnership with Mount Sinai, to gastroenterology with advanced endoscopic procedures done at the hospital, to a terrific hospitalist program that assigns you a physician while you're in the hospital to coordinate your care and work with your own doctor, to an innovative Center of Critical Care Services, which ensures that critically ill patients are being cared by the most experienced intensive care physicians.

Our department is also home to a fully accredited internal medicine residency and our physicians keep abreast of the latest thinking and techniques through their role as teachers.

Whatever your medical needs, our excellent department and our fine physicians are here for you. We provide safe, quality care, right in downtown Brooklyn. We are committed to Keeping Brooklyn Healthy.


James Gasperino, MD