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Pediatrics Residency Program

Noah Kondamudi, MD Lewis Krata, MD
Noah Kondamudi, MD
Chair of Pediatrics
Lewis Krata, MD
Residency Program Director

On behalf of the attending physicians and resident physicians, thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Residency Program at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC). TBHC is located in Fort Greene, bordering Downtown Brooklyn, one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse areas in Brooklyn and one of the fastest developing parts of New York City. Our location allows us to draw from a large patient population with a wide variety of illnesses.

We have a strong general and subspecialty faculty who are interested in training the future generation of pediatricians. Our program offers an education in pediatrics that both fulfills all the ACGME requirements and is personalized to your future needs. We train generalists who are comfortable taking care of patients with subspecialty problems and subspecialists who feel comfortable caring for their patients’ primary care concerns.

We have a low faculty to resident ratio and the vast majority of the training is done onsite. This allows the residents to get to know each other and the attending physicians very early in the residency. We encourage team work and the residents have a direct communication with the attending physicians The same open communication style follows with the relations with the nursing and ancillary staff.

We have a rich academic environment with teaching done every day. Our academics is a collaborate effort between attending physicians and resident physicians. We are responsive to the needs of the resident physicians and welcome them as part of the curriculum committee. Teaching is done in all the clinical sites, as well as in the conference rooms. We have a state-of-the art simulation lab, the residents are welcome to access at any time during their academic tenure.

I hope you will explore our website and find out more about our program, our faculty and our residents.

Noah Kondamudi, MD, and Lewis Krata, MD

Residency Program Team

GME Coordinator
Janelle Farnell
P: 718-250-6776
F: 718-250-8735

Noah Kondamudi, MD
P: 718-250-6227

Program Director
Lewis Krata, MD
P: 718-250-6857
F: 718-250-8735

Associate Program Director
Menogh Glen Valentine, MD
P: 718-250-6935
F: 718-250-8735