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Pharmacy Residency Program

Pharmacy Residency ProgramThe overall mission of the Pharmacy Residency Programs is to give residents the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in a pharmacotherapy model that functions as a think tank and proving ground for new programs and services.

This model promotes the concept of collaborative drug therapy management in a direct patient care setting within the hospital and in outpatient clinics. Upon the resident’s completion of the program, it is anticipated that they will move on to other institutions and implement the services that they were exposed to during the residency program. 

The motto of this dynamic Pharmacy Residency Program is The Remedy is Experience.  The integration of each resident into the pharmacotherapeutic services at the hospital provides a level of experience that will enable the resident to achieve the following overall outcomes:

  • Attainment of a high level of communication skills that include written, oral, and presentation skills

  • The ability to provide a high level of direct patient care based on thorough patient assessment skills, pharmacotherapeutic evaluation, clinical acumen, critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • The ability to develop and implement innovative pharmacy practice models

  • To develop the skills necessary to educate healthcare professionals and students of the professions, as well as developing skills to become a lifelong learner

  • To hone job skills necessary to obtain positions as clinical pharmacists, clinical coordinators, or clinical track faculty members

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